Organisation and the general public

Are you an individual or do you represent an institution or a corporation and want to acquire a .lu domain name with 1 or 2 characters? Try to acquire your domain name by taking part in the auctioning of these domain names at the time they are launched. Make the most of this unique occasion to tackle the Luxembourg market with a familiar label, associate the identity of Luxembourg with your business beyond national borders, create a Luxembourg origin identity for your goods and services, or even, to a greater extent, show your attachment to the Grand Duchy.

1 month of bidding

On opening the registration of .lu domain names with 1 and 2 characters, the Restena Foundation has launched a purchase/sale platform to enable you to acquire the name you covet. 

Starting on 19 October 2020, go to and look up the available domain names. If you are interested in one or more of the available domain names, don't delay, create your account and get ready!

Free of charge, and open to everybody, the creation of an account is, however, subject to a validation by the Restena Foundation's team and requires the activation codes sent by postal mail. At least 3 to 5 working days are therefore expected to activate your account!

Starting on 2 November 2020, the public sale will start for a period of 1 month with a starting price set at €100 per domain name. Go quickly to the purchase/sale platform and set your bid.

ᐅ To learn more about the terms and conditions and how the purchase/sale platform works, we invite you to look at the dedicated page at (published as from 19 October 2020)

Acquire a .lu on

Provision via the conventional registrars network

From 15 December 2020 onwards, all domain names not allocated during the bidding period will be available through the registrar accredited for .lu of your choice. As for all .lu domain names, it will then be possible to acquire these domain names by paying a fixed annual fee, on a "first come, first served" basis.


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