Holders of trademarks or companies with 1 or 2 characters

Deadline for submitting files has expired (October 2nd,2020)

  • Do you hold a BENELUX, European or international trademark (valid in BENELUX  / European Union countries) with 1 or 2 characters and want to acquire the corresponding domain name?
  • Is your organisation registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies' Register with a company name of designation made up of 1 or 2 characters and you wish to acquire the corresponding domain name?

ᐅ You have a priority covering the registration of a domain name with 1 to 2 characters! Then don't wait any longer, claim your right!

1 month for priority registration applications

As part of the process of opening the registration of .lu domain names with 1 and 2 characters to the public, the Restena Foundation has reserved the first month to allow you to acquire the domain name - matching the name of your business or trademark - that you covet. 

For this, simply claim your domain name by filling in the 'application for the registration of second-level one and two-character domain name under .lu' form between 31 August and Friday 2 October 2020 by submitting your application with the necessary supporting documents. Please remember that only documents written in French, German, Dutch or English are accepted - those in a different language must be accompanied by a certified translation.

When claiming a domain name with 1 or 2 characters, you must pay a non-refundable administration fees of 750 euros, VAT included, which includes the domain name registration fee for the first year with the DNS-LU in case of a successful application. Once the registration is completed, you can transfer your domain name at any time to another .lu accredited registrar under the usual terms and conditions of sale.

Allocation after consideration of the case files

On receipt of the application the Restena Foundation will work jointly with a legal expert specialised in intellectual property and analyse all complete applications filed within the specified time window. At the latest on Friday 16 October 2020, and subject to the application fee being received, the application will either be accepted or refused and applicants notified.

If multiple valid applications exist for a single domain name, a private sale will be held and the domain name will be allocated to the highest offer submitted via the application form.



ᐅ If you do not wish to take part in this dedicated sunrise phase, you will of course still be able to participate as a corporation on the purchase/sale platform, which will be effective starting on Monday 2 November.

ᐅ You can also wait for the general availability on 15 December 2020 and register the domain name, if still available, with the .lu accredited registrar of your choice.


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