1992 - The .lu country code top-level domain is born upon implementation of Luxembourg’s first physical connection to the internet and the entrusting by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) of the responsibility for the top-level domain to the Ministry for National Education in favour of the Restena Foundation.

1998 - Restena cofounds the “Council of European National Top-Level Domain Name Registries” (CENTR). CENTR is a non-profit organisation bringing together the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registration bodies in the expanded Europe. Its objective is to encourage cooperation between national domain name authorities and to get them involved in actions relating to matters of common interest.

2000 - 10,000 .lu domain names are registered.

2001 - A workgroup is set up by the government to update the .lu Domain Name Charter.
This task results in a relaxation of registration rules.
The Domain Name Charter is drawn up through close collaboration between the Restena Foundation and public and private stakeholders representing the community.

2005 - 20,000 .lu domain names are registered.

2006 - The .lu domain name management system is reorganised and a network of accredited agents (registrars) is introduced.

2007 - 40,000 .lu domain names are registered.

2009 - 45 registrars are accredited under .lu. The 47,000 mark is passed for domain names registered. New version of the Domain Name Charter.

2010 - The new online platform my.lu is launched for 24-hour online domain name registration and management. Internationalised domain names (IDN) are introduced under .lu. The administrative contact no longer needs to be resident in Luxembourg. DNS-LU presents its new visual identity and the new dns.lu website is launched.

Registration of the 50,000th domain name.

2011 - Implementation of DNSSEC.

2013 - Restriction regarding the registration of certain domain names which have been temporarily blocked is abolished.

Introduction of the possibility to request a dispute entry for .lu domain names.

2014 - 51 registrars are accredited under .lu. Registration of the 80,000th domain name.

2019 - Registration of the 100,000th domain name.