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DNSSEC-enabled DNS servers available on

All .lu domain name holders using the Restena Foundation’s online registration platform can now benefit from authoritative name servers automatically enabling DNSSEC.


.lu is growing with short names

From Tuesday 15 December 2020 on, .lu domain names with one and two characters are available to all via accredited registrars, a key date representing the culmination of 15 weeks of the progressive opening of .lu domain names with one and two characters.


Limiting the effects of fragmentation on the DNS

Operators of authoritative DNS servers for a .LU domain and resolver operators in the Grand Duchy are invited to validate the configuration of their servers as part of the DNS Flag Day 2020, an initiative that aims to limit the effects of the fragmentation of DNS packets on October 1st 2020.


Opening of 1 and 2 character .lu domain names

From 31 August to 15 December 2020 is scheduled the progressive opening of the registration of .lu domain names with 1 and 2 characters with more than 2,800 new .lu registration possibilities.

More is modernizing

The modernized version of both, the .lu domain name management platform, and its payment interface are available since mid-September 2019.


100,000th .lu registered

On 21 June 2019, the number of domain names registered in .lu surpasses the 100,000 mark, a major first for Luxembourg and its national top-level domain.


WHOIS modifications for GDPR

With the coming into force of the GDPR (Regulation 2016/679) on the 25th of May 2018, Fondation RESTENA, operating as the registry of the .lu ccTLD, presents a modification of its WHOIS database lookup service. The proposed solution aims at maintaining the original WHOIS purpose while protecting personal data in accordance with the GDPR and limiting abuses.


Terms and conditions are amended as of June 11th 2013

- Restriction regarding the registration of certain domain names which have been temporarily blocked has been abolished.

- Terms and conditions now incorporate appropriate provisions relating to the possibility to request a dispute entry (“Dispute”) for .lu domain names. Principles of such a Dispute are described hereafter.

Domain name blocking: introduction of Dispute entry as of June 11th 2013

The purpose for having registered a domain name Dispute by DNS-LU is to assist a claimant in finding a dispute agreement with a domain name holder in case a third party presents a credible case suggesting that it has a right to the domain or that its rights are being infringed by the domain.

The Dispute entry will only block the domain name which cannot be traded to anyone else but the claimant in case of the resolution of the underlying conflict. DNS-LU will not become involved in such disputes in any way, either in favour of the claimant or in favour of the domain holder.

The Dispute request has to be submitted to DNS-LU a form available at while joining supporting documentation proving the claimant’s rights (documents written or translated in French, German or English). Beside the claimant must have instigated formal measures vis-à-vis present domain holder.

The Dispute is valid for an initial period of one year and will expire without further notice. DNS-LU may, however, extend it for an additional period of six months, provided the claimant submits a formal request for this purpose.

In the event that the dispute is solved, the claimant must submit on his own initiative a formal trade request to any .lu registrar of his choice. This to ensure the proper transfer of ownership. The trade request will be checked and validated manually by DNS-LU subject to the reception of documents proving the resolution of the dispute in favor of the claimant.

In case of a domain name cancelation during the dispute period and no dispute resolution having taken place, the domain becomes available again for any interested party, without the claimant having a preferential registration right to the same domain name.

The new version of the Terms and conditions is available on since June 11th 2013

Technical and legal aspects of domain names

With the proliferation of domain names conflicts around these arise.

It is a relatively new kind of conflict with its own specificities and characteristics. So it is important for any party involved in such issues to have some basic knowledge of how the Internet works, the nature of possible disputes and how they might be arbitrated.

RESTENA Foundation has edited a guide destinated as a tool to provide some basic knowledge of eventual conflict resolution and the legal processes in this field.

The brochure is downloadable on our site

RESTENA Foundation formalizes its relationship with ICANN

In its function as manager of the country code top level domain .lu (DNS-LU), the RESTENA Foundation exchanged letters with ICANN describing the roles of both parties. By this exchange, the RESTENA Foundation demonstrates its commitment towards a stable and secure .lu for the benefit of the entire internet community, and expresses its support for the ICANN model.


Revised Domain Name Charter

Since of January 1st 2011 a revised version of the Domain Name Charter for domain names under .lu is applicable. Restrictions regarding registration of domain names containing the name of Luxembourg municipality or village names are not any more part of the Charter.
See also news hereafter.


Removal of the reservation of domain names of Luxembourg municipality and village names on behalf of local authorities

As of January 1st 2011 domain names containing the name of any
Luxembourg municipality or village name have become available to any
interested party independent of its nationality and residence. Until January 1st 2011 domain
names belonging to this category were exclusively reserved for local administration. This is as well applicable to IDN versions of the concerned domain names.

Removal of the obligation of the administrative contact to be established in Luxembourg

Since February 1st 2010 domain name holders which are established outside Luxembourg are no longer obliged to give valid power of attorney to an agent established in Luxembourg for the registration and the management of their domain name.

Opening of .lu online registrations

Since May 15th DNS-LU 2010 has opened its new registration platform called for .lu domain name registration and management. The platform is accessible to any interesting party 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cost of registration has been fixed at 25 Euro VAT incl. per domain name and year.

Updated Domain Name Charter applicable since February 1st 2010

On March 16th 2001 the Luxembourg Government has set up a working group (WG) to redefine the Domain Name Charter for the Luxembourg national top level domain .lu. The Charter is the result of a close collaboration between RESTENA Foundation and the private actors and public representatives of the Luxembourg internet community. Present updated version of the Charter has been defined during a meting of the WG as of September 17th 2009. For further details regarding the updated domain name registration policy for .lu domain names, see hereafter.


Registration of IDN now open for everybody

Since February 1st 2010 registration of domain names with special characters in them, like for example a letter with an accent, called Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) .lu is possible. Acceptable special characters are those commonly used in Luxembourgish, German and French languages.
There has been a two months sunrise period between February 1st 2010 and March 31st 2010. During this sunrise period owners of registered .lu names have been able to register the identical names with special characters. With the ending of this sunrise period as of April 1st 2010, IDN registrations are now open for everybody and performed on a "first-come, first-served basis".


Opening of registration of Temporary blocked domain names

Domain names which have been rejected under former registration policies and which have been identified as Temporary blocked domain names, will become available for registration in a near future. Details of the registration process, which still need to be finalized, as well as the date of release, will all be published in due time on the DNS-LU website.

Luxembourg .lu domain names rank amongst the most secure in the world

The .lu domain is one of the world's securest top-level domains (TLD). That is the conclusion of an annual survey by US security software company McAfee. Luxembourg ranks on the 2nd position among the 27 EU countries, just behind Ireland. Luxembourg domain is 4th among worldwide country domains tested, where Japan (.jp) is the safest country domain globally, Ireland's .ie domain came second, followed by Croatia (.hr) and Luxembourg (.lu). McAfee checked out more than 5.750 .lu websites to arrive at the rating. Cameroon (cm) is the least secure domain worldwide. The risk of being infected by a computer virus when surfing is 69,7 percent when visiting a website from Cameroon (.cm). In Luxembourg, by contrast, it is only 0,3 percent. Of all the websites tested worldwide, 5.8 percent are rated as insecure.
"It is reassuring to see .lu in the upper part of the worldwide security level", said Antoine Barthel, managing director of RESTENA Foundation which operates the .lu registry DNS-LU. "McAfee's findings confirm that our continuous efforts and investments to make the .lu domain one of the most secure produce outstanding performances".






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