Classic Registration

Any registrant can request and manage a .lu domain name using the “classic” procedure. The main feature of this procedure is that all registration instructions should be submitted using standard forms provided by DNS-LU. In addition, payment for the name can only be made against an invoice sent by post.

The standard Downloadable forms are available on the DNS-LU website. These are forms in PDF format to be filled out by hand or on screen (*) and sent, duly signed, by fax or post to DNS-LU.The same applies for any domain name modification requests.

All domain name action requests are reviewed and processed during DNS-LU office hours. Use of this registration and management procedure may therefore involve a short delay in actions being performed.

Please find below a list of the operations that can be performed using this method.

Check the availability of a domain name with a view to registering it.

Register a new domain.

Modify a domain name.

Read the Information provided to help you fill in the registration and modification form correctly.

Renew a domain name.

Delete a domain name.

Transfer management of a domain name to DNS-LU.

Trade a domain name with another entity.

The guidelines governing .lu domain name registration can be found in the Domain Name Charter.

The rules, Terms and conditions and fees that apply to domain name registration are set out in the Conditions of service section.

For further information relating to procedures, please see the FAQ section.

Forms needed for domain name registration and management using the classic procedure.

To Contact DNS-LU and find where we are.

(*) For on-screen completion you will need to have Acrobat software installed. This software is not provided by DNS-LU.