To delete a domain name with the .LU extension, please fill in our Deletion form and return it duly completed and signed to RESTENA DNS-LU by fax or post.

Please note: deletion of a domain name must be confirmed by the holder of this domain name, even if the deletion request is signed by the administrative contact.
If the domain name holder is a company (legal entity), the deletion request must be signed by an authorised signatory of this company.

If the administrative contact does not work for the legal entity that holds the domain name and if he is submitting the cancellation request for and on behalf of the holder, a power of attorney, duly signed and dated, must be presented. This power of attorney must be provided on the headed paper of the legal entity and be stamped with the legal entity’s company stamp. The power of attorney must expressly refer to the fact that it has been granted for the purposes of cancelling the domain name. This domain name must be clearly stated in the power of attorney.

If the domain name holder is a natural person residing outside Luxembourg, this confirmation must be sent and signed by the domain name holder.