Transfer a domain name

Introduction and rules

The process of entrusting management of a domain name to a different registrar is known as transfer.

The procedure described below also applies in the event of a management transfer combined with a Change of domain name holder.

To transfer management of a domain name to DNS-LU as the new registrar, the applicant must send DNS-LU, by fax or post, a Transfer request form, together with one or more Registration form including appendices, depending on the number of domain names affected. For further information on how to complete the registration form, please see the section How to complete the registration form.

After receiving these documents, DNS-LU will start the transfer procedure. The administrative contact representing the domain name holder must approve the transfer within two weeks, otherwise the action will be cancelled.

DNS-LU shall assume no responsibility in the event of inaccurate or incorrect data being confirmed in the database, or in the event of failure to perform a transfer through no fault of DNS-LU (e.g. expiry date passed, refusal or absence of authorisation by the administrative contact, invalid email address, missing information, etc.).

Domain name management transfer request

The Transfer request is a document notifying DNS-LU of a domain name holder’s intention to transfer management of its domain names to DNS-LU. Registration forms that are not accompanied by such a request shall be treated as new registration requests for names that are already registered and shall therefore be rejected.

DNS-LU then registers the request within one working day and automatically sends an email to the administrative contact requesting confirmation of the transfer. A transfer may also be confirmed by fax (see below). DNS-LU will only perform the action if it has all the required documents and if these have been duly completed. Any incomplete, incorrect or illegible requests will be rejected.

Approving a management transfer request

After DNS-LU has registered the transfer request, an email is automatically sent to the administrative contact for confirmation of the transfer request. Using a link in the email, the administrative contact can access an interface specially generated for the requested action and is asked to check all the current and future data. He should then either approve or cancel the transfer request. If the administrative contact does not respond within seven days, a reminder will be sent extending the time by a further seven days.

If there is a problem with the email address to which the confirmation request is sent, the transfer can also be confirmed by fax. This fax should establish the current administrative contact’s approval of the transfer. DNS-LU is responsible for preparing this document and submits it to the administrative contact for signature. This fax should be sent to DNS-LU who, as the registrar, issues confirmation on behalf of the domain name holder/administrative contact.

In all cases, a transfer request must be confirmed within two weeks of its registration.

Conclusion leads to the commencement of a new annual registration period, which will be invoiced in line with the price list in force. 

Information for completing the Transfer Request Form

The domain names affected by the transfer are to be indicated on the Transfer request formThe applicant must attach a new Registration form (with the appendix) to the transfer request form for each domain name affected, duly completed, dated and signed. The request form is used to notify DNS-LU of the domain name holder’s intention to transfer management of an existing domain name and differentiates it from a new registration request which would be rejected. If the administrative contact does not work for the legal entity that holds the domain name and if he is submitting the registration request for and on behalf of the holder, a power of attorney, duly signed and dated, must be presented. This power of attorney must be provided on the headed paper of the legal entity and be stamped with the legal entity’s company stamp. The power of attorney must expressly refer to the fact that it has been granted for the purposes of registering and managing the domain name. This domain name must be clearly stated in the power of attorney.

To assist with administration, we recommend that you use our own Power of attorney. To avoid problems with circulation of information and postal deliveries (invoices, etc.), any changes relating to the company must be reported to DNS-LU.