To modify the administrative and technical data relating to a domain name, please fill in the Registration form and return it duly completed and signed to DNS-LU by fax or post.

Before completing the form, you can check the information currently held for the name in question in the WHOIS database. Please also read the document How to complete the registration form, to ensure you fill out the form correctly and to avoid any delay in modifying your data.

Updating technical data

Technical modifications are deemed to be modifications to server names (name server names and IP addresses). Such modifications may be requested by either the administrative contact or the technical contact


Updating contacts

Any other modifications relating to a domain name, including in particular contact persons, addresses, etc., are considered to be administrative modifications and must be approved by the administrative contact.


Update holders

The transfer of a domain name belonging to a holder to a third party is also referred to as Trade. The applicant must send DNS-LU a request to initiate proceedings to trade the domain name in question.


Modification of the domain name

A registered domain name may not be modified. The modified domain name should be registered just like any other name in accordance with established procedures and conditions. We recommend that you delete the domain name you no longer require to avoid inadvertently renewing it.

A domain name can be deleted using our Deletion form.