Updating contacts

A distinction must be made between modification of contact-related data and a change in the actual contact.
Instructions must be sent by fax or post to DNS-LU using the Registration form duly dated, completed and signed.

However, replacement of the registrant is considered to be a domain name trade and must be handled differently to a simple administrative modification. see section Trading a domain name.

Situation 1: the contact address or details are incorrect or have changed. e.g. change of address, new email address, etc. The contact information in question must be amended. This request must be signed by the administrative contact.

Situation 2: a different individual or company needs to be registered as the administrative contact, billing contact or technical contact for a domain name. e.g. invoices need to be sent to a different recipient or the registrant is changing internet service provider.
This request must be signed by the administrative contact.

Changes to the administrative contact and the address of the domain name holder (natural person or legal entity) will only be accepted if they are confirmed by the domain name holder.

If the domain name holder is a company (legal entity), this confirmation must be provided on company headed paper and signed by an authorised signatory of this company.