To register a domain name with the .LU extension, please fill in the Registration form and the appendix and return it duly completed and signed to DNS-LU by fax or post.

The registration form and the appendix shall form the registration contract. If applicable, you should include a Power of attorney.

For further information, please refer to the section How to complete the registration form.

The registration form is also intended for use by the new domain name holder in the Event of a domain name being traded  with a different entity.

Before completing the form for a new registration, you can Check if the name you want to register is still available. Please also read the section How to complete the registration form to ensure you fill out the form correctly and to avoid any delay in registering your name.

Please note: the registration form and the appendix must be signed by the administrative contact.

Information for completing the registration form

We recommend that you read this document before completing the domain name registration form. Any incomplete or incorrect forms, or any forms not accompanied by a duly signed appendix, will be rejected, delaying registration of your domain name. For further information relating to domain name registration, please email
N.B.: the registration form and the appendix must be signed by the administrative contact, i.e. by a legal representative of the applicant.

1. DOMAIN NAME. Names must be between 1 and 63 characters long (excluding .lu).  A domain name may be made up solely of numbers. The dash (-) is the only special character that can be used. It may only be used in combination with two characters and may not be the first or last character of a domain name. Nor may the dash be in the third or fourth positions, except for ACE-String in case of IDN. Non-ASCII caracters permitted for IDNs are those used in Luxembourgish, French and German languages. Domain names are only made up of lower case letters. There may only be one domain name per application. Below are some examples of correct domain names: xü.lu,,,, etc.

DNS-LU uses the same form for both registering a new domain name and modifying an existing domain name.

- To register a new domain name, check box 2a.

2a. ( ) Register a new domain name

- To modify a domain name, check box 2b and give the reason for the modification (e.g. change of technical contact)

- 2b. ( ) Modify an existing domain name

2b1. Reason: it may be quicker to modify a domain name than register a new one as the domain name has already been registered and confirmed.

3. TYPE OF APPLICANT.  According to the General Terms and Conditions of .lu domain name registration, both legal entities and natural persons are permitted to register a domain name.

Please check the appropriate box:

3a. ( ) Organisation

3b. ( ) Private person

When applying for registration of a domain name, the applicant will necessarily choose either for the status of "private person" (natural person), or for the "company/organization" status (legal person) as the future holder by ticking the corresponding box. This decision determines whether future holder’s contact data will be published via the WHOIS search service or remain invisible in accordance with terms and conditions of the WHOIS Policy and GDPR applicable as of May 2018.

4. NAME AND ADDRESS. (organisations and private individuals based outside Luxembourg) For an organisation: company name and full address. The legal status of the company must be provided (public limited company, limited liability company, etc.).  For a private individual residing outside Luxembourg: full name and full address outside Luxembourg.

5. ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT.  The administrative contact must be a legal representative (authorised signatory) of the organisation or the private individual if the latter is based outside Luxembourg (point 4).  The administrative contact may be the same as the technical contact or the billing contact. The administrative contact is the point of contact for any administrative or legal questions relating to registration of a domain name.  Since February 1st 2010, the administrative contact is no longer required to be based in Luxembourg.  In the case of a legal entity, the address of the administrative contact must be the same as the address of the organisation. If, due to the company structure, this requirement cannot be met, DNS-LU shall require power of attorney. Only our Standard form may be used.  If the administrative contact is acting on behalf of a private individual residing outside Luxembourg, the administrative contact must also hold power of attorney.

The administrative contact must have a valid email address.

6. TECHNICAL CONTACT. The technical contact is the person responsible for managing the DNS service (name server configuration, DNS, etc.). For any technical problems, such as amendments to server names, DNS-LU will contact the technical contact. The technical contact must have a valid email address.

7. BILLING CONTACT. DNS-LU will send invoices to the billing contact who will be contacted for any billing-related issues. Non-payment of the invoice relating to a domain name shall result in the domain name being revoked by DNS-LU. For this reason, information (name, address, etc.) must be kept up to date.

8. USE OF THE DOMAIN NAME. A domain name may be registered as an active domain name (two name servers required) or inactive.

Inactive domain name
This option can be useful if you are planning on internet presence in the coming weeks and you want to secure your online identity. To select this option, check box 8a. Inactive domain names are registered and shall remain so until you have chosen a service provider and are ready to launch your website. The fees for an inactive domain name are the same as those for an active domain name.

8a. ( ) Reservation.

Active domain name
For an active domain name, you need to notify DNS-LU of at least two name servers with the correct configuration for the name in question. If your company does not have any name servers, ask your internet service provider for this service. To register an active domain name, check box 8b.
8b. ( ) Network Connection.

Please note: DNS-LU only activates domain names for which two name servers are operational at the time of registration. Otherwise the domain name automatically assumes inactive status. To check whether your servers are configured correctly, you can use the name server test tool, which provides a test identical to those used by DNS-LU. Only domain names with servers approved by these tests will be activated by DNS-LU.

APPENDIX: pages 3 and 4 of the Registration form. Read it carefully and then sign and date it. To be deemed valid, all registration applications must include the registration form and the appendix.