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The WHOIS service is a simple tool for checking whether the domain name you want is available or even just for looking up information about existing domain names, such as contact details, the registrars responsible for domain name management and server names. Only limited information is available through WHOIS.

You acknowledge that use of the WHOIS service is governed by the Terms and Conditions with which you have familiarised yourself and which you accept.

By submitting a domain name registration request, you declare that you are currently and legitimately entitled to use this name, that the information provided upon registration is correct and that you have read and understood, and that you accept, the terms and conditions of the Domain Name Charter.

These conditions form an integral part of the documents Domain Name Charter and Fees for registration of the .lu domain name, published by the DNS-LU registry. All these documents may be modified by DNS-LU.

These conditions, including the fee amounts, vary depending on whether the classic registration and management method or the DNS-LU-online platform option has been chosen. For further information, please read the section Register a domain name.

You agree for the information provided to DNS-LU to be published in the WHOIS database. The WHOIS service is available to anyone who wishes to obtain information about a registered domain name name in order to ensure smooth operation of the internet.