Domain name Holder´s FAQ

  • General information
  • Registering a domain name
  • The migration of domain names registered with DNS-LU to the online platform
  • IDN domain names
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Domain name management and data maintenance
  • Renewal
  • Change your registrar
  • Change of registrant (holder)
    • Procedure to change a domain name holder
    • Approving a holder change request

      Once the trade request has been registered by the registrar, an email requesting confirmation of the desire to proceed with the trade is automatically sent to the representative. Using a link in this email to an interface specially generated for the requested operation, the representative can check all current and future details and approve or cancel the trade request. If the representative does not respond within seven days, a reminder will be sent extending the time by a further seven days.

      If there is a problem with the email address to which the confirmation request is sent, the trade may also be confirmed by fax. This fax should establish the current representative’s approval of the trade. The registrar responsible for managing the name should prepare this fax and send it to the representative for signature. This fax should be sent to DNS-LU who, in its capacity as the registry, issues confirmation on behalf of the current domain name holder.

      It is always the registrar managing the name who is responsible for the reliability of the information entered for a trade. The RESTENA registry shall assume no responsibility in the event of inaccurate or incorrect data being confirmed in the database, or in the event of a trade not being completed through no fault of RESTENA (e.g. expiry date passed, refusal or absence of authorisation by the administrative contact, invalid email address, missing information, etc.).

      In all cases, a trade request must be confirmed within two weeks of its registration.

      DNS-LU informs the holder / representative through its automatic email client of the (succeeded or failed) outcome of the request.

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