Domain name Holder´s FAQ

  • General information
  • Registering a domain name
  • The migration of domain names registered with DNS-LU to the online platform
  • IDN domain names
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Domain name management and data maintenance
  • Renewal
  • Change your registrar
  • Change of registrant (holder)
  • Problems and solutions
    • Problems using the online platform

      The list below is given for information purposes only and DNS-LU does not provide any support in the event of a problem unless it is directly linked to operation of its own systems.

      Problems related to the account activation (first connection)

      After signing up for your account, the system sends an email with an activation link to the manager’s email address. It is the activation of the account which generates a second email with an initial password enabling you to acces your account. In case you have not received the activation email shortly after the creation of your account:

      • Make sure you have access to the manager’s email address registered while signing up the account.
      • The email address registered while signing up the account is not correct: create a new account and enter the manager’s correct email address.
      • Problem with antivirus software and/or firewalls preventing the reception of the email confirmation or transferring the email directly to the trash box: check that your anti-virus software and firewalls are functioning properly (to check this: temporarily deactivate the protection). Refer to the documentation for your anti-virus and fiewall software. Create a new account if necessary.

      Log-in problems

      There are several possible reasons why you are having problems logging in. Each must be addressed separately but there may be more than one problem.

      • There is no connection to the internet or the connection may be temporarily slow: contact your internet service provider for help.
      • You are entering the wrong password for your login.
      • An invalid login is being used.
      • The login has not been entered correctly (order of characters, etc.)
      • The password has been spelt wrong or the wrong case has been used., etc.
      • The browser does not accept cookies.
      • A firewall is blocking the operation: contact your internet service provider for help.

      The password does not work

      • The password recognition system requires the password to be spelt correctly, is case-sensitive, etc. A password made up of lower and upper case must be entered in the same way to be accepted by the system.
      • Make sure the Caps Lock is not on. As a manager, you can have your password resent for verification. It will be sent to the email address for this login.
      • Probable use of the wrong password, forgetting that it contains a combination of upper and lower case letters. In this case it is better to have the password resent (to the email address for this login) for verification.
      • If the manager has more than one login, he should check that he is not entering the password for another login.
      • Check that the browser accepts cookies. If not, you will not be able to log in.
      • Problems related to active installed antivirus software. Security patches installed, combined with a series of firewalls and browser customisation may result in interferences preventing log-in.

      The menu buttons or other elements are not displayed on my screen

      This may be due to outdated browser versions.
      Make sure you use the latest versions of Internet explorer, Mozzilla Firefox, Safari. Downloading is free.

    • I cannot access or modify the domain name or update the contact details
    • I cannot activate the domain name
    • The domain name is registered but does not work
    • Email addresses and/or websites do not work
    • A management transfer request is unsuccessful
    • A trade request is unsuccessful
    • The appointed contact does not pay or no longer exists
    • What should I do if the “wrong” domain name is registered?
  • Domain names' disputes
  • Other questions and comments