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    • Renewing a domain name

      Once the new domain name has been registered and paid for, it is registered for a subscription period which varies depending on the registrar with which the holder has signed its contract.

      Renewal through a registrar other than DNS-LU: if DNS-LU is not the registrar for domain name management, you should contact your usual registrar to find out the conditions and costs of renewal. DNS-LU informs holders that it is not responsible in the event that the registrar in charge of management fails to pay fees due, which may result in the non-renewal (revocation) of a domain name, regardless of the fact that the holder may have paid its registrar.

      Renewal through DNS-LU: domain names are not renewed automatically and renewal is only final once payment of fees has been made based on the current price list. A domain name is extended, i.e. the subscription is renewed, on payment of the corresponding amount for the next period. The subscription period for a domain name commences on the date of registration, transfer or reactivation of this domain name and ends after one or two years, depending on the management option chosen, on the same day of the month in which the domain name was registered (“anniversary”).

      The current price list at the time of renewal is indicated in the document entitled “Fees for registration of a second-level domain name in Luxembourg”.

      For domain names managed through the online platform, the manager is notified of the expiry of the domain name registration period by way of its account sixty days before the anniversary. Additional reminders are sent thirty days and two days prior to the due renewal date to the managers' email address. This is also the time when a revocation instruction should be submitted if registration of the domain name is not going to be extended. The payment confirming renewal of the subscription must be made by credit card on the DNS-LU platform before the domain name anniversary. Once the payment has been made and registered, the invoice is downloadable on the manager's account. In order to facilitate the management of its domain name portfolio, the manager may prefer to collect single renewal payments due over a timeplaps of three months to perform consolidated payments.

      If the domain name is managed using the classic procedure, the invoice is sent to the billing contact at the address held in the database. Registration and anniversary dates are shown on the invoice. The payment must be made within thirty days. If payment is not made, a first reminder will then be sent. After sixty days, a final reminder will be sent, together with an email, which is also sent to the administrative and technical contacts. This date corresponds to the domain name deactivation date. If no payment is received within ninety days of the invoice date, the domain name is deleted.

      See sections

      Invoicing and payment

      Restoring a domain name.

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    • Cancelling domain name renewal: how do I delete the domain name?
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