DNSSEC-enabled DNS servers available on my.lu

All .lu domain name holders using the my.lu Restena Foundation’s online registration platform can now benefit from authoritative name servers automatically enabling DNSSEC.

As part of its .lu domain name registrar activity, the Restena Foundation offers its 'DNS servers' service to its domain name holders, enabling them to use their .lu domain name reliably and with total peace of mind by using authoritative servers that benefit from DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) technology. A missing link between the registration and the use of a domain name is now filled.

To benefit from this, users of the my.lu online registration platform have to select the option 'Active, Hosted Zone' when registering their domain names. Upon activation, those are  automatically protected thanks to DNSSEC (by generating new cryptograph-ic keys or by using those given during activation).

With this new option, all the information hosted by Restena are automatically authenti-cated once the domain has been registered using cryptographic keys that are re-newed by Restena. There is no additional cost for domain name holders, who are thus protected as effectively as possible from attacks that aim to misappropriate a domain name or associated services.

Contact: domreg@dns.lu