DNS-LU registrar

Any applicant or registrant has the option to register and manage their names directly with DNS-LU.However, for reasons we will explain later. DNS-LU recommends contacting a commercial registrar to register .LU domain names.

Customers who have decided to manage their domain names through DNS-LU are offered two management options: the DNS-LU Online platform my.lu, on which the registrant or an authorised representative performs all operations themselves online and under their own responsibility, or  the Classic registration. In this case, domain name management is always done offline through instructions to be entered onto paper forms to be sent to DNS-LU. These two options are different in many ways, such as the contractual provisions, the fee amounts, the payment terms and deadlines, operation performance time, etc.

The advantage of working with DNS-LU directly is that DNS-LU, as a registrar, allows the registrant full freedom to choose technical and billing contacts and server names. This does require a certain level of competence on the part of the registrant in terms of administration and monitoring of domain name management.

As DNS-LU is not a commercial company. The fees invoiced correspond to the actual cost of registration.

On the other hand, DNS-LU does not offer any other services apart from domain name registration.
A third company is therefore needed as an internet service provider (ISP) if any of the following services are required (non-exhaustive list):
- website hosting;
- provision of server names;
- email address configuration;
- etc.

The fact that you will have to work with several suppliers may make it harder to keep track of invoicing, especially if you have a portfolio of several domain names to manage.
Any applicant or domain name holder should therefore ask themselves if it would not be better to use an accredited registrar, rather than go directly through DNS-LU. In any case, RESTENA DNS-LU remains the central authority responsible for operation of the .LU domain name system (registry).

However, if the registrant manages its name through a commercial registrar other than DNS-LU, there is no direct contractual relationship with DNS-LU, but only with the chosen registrar. This makes it easier to manage online presence as a whole.