Technical References

Name server configuration test

Before activating a domain name, DNS-LU checks whether the name in question is configured correctly on the name servers named by the registrant or its technical contact.
At least two name servers are required top activate a domain name.

To avoid problems with registration, a Tool is provided which lets to check for yourself whether the zone of your domain name is configured correctly. This test is the same as the test used by DNS-LU.

The rules defined for testing the configuration of a domain name may be slightly different from one registrar to another. If you experience problems confirming your configuration using our test, you should first contact your service provider before contacting DNS-LU.

If you would like further information on the various tests used for checking zone configuration, please read the document Test description.

Standards, technologies and protocols

The main protocols and standards associated with the Domain Name System (DNS) are given in RFCs (Requests for Comments), the List of which can be found below.

Registrants or future holders

Please see the relevant sections in FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions.


Information and technical support for current and future registrars. Please note that only accredited registrars have access to the Registrar area.