Technical documents (RFC)

Voir également les documents de l’Internet Systems Consortiums (documents BIND)

Les documents ci-après décrivent, la majorité des normes, standards, technologies et protocoles liés au sysème des noms de domaine (DNS).

RFC 819
The Domain Naming Convention for Internet User Applications by Z Su and J Postel
Documents the original structural ideas of DNS. Aug 1982

RFC 920
Domain Requirements by J Postel and J Reynolds
Administrative document about domains. Will become historical shortly. Oct 1984

RFC 974
Mail Routing and the Domain System by Craig Partridge
Describes MX record processing. Jan 1986

RFC 1032
Domain Administrator's Guide by M Stahl
Explains role of domain administrator. Nov 1987

RFC 1033 - updated by RFC 1912
Domain Administrators Operations Guide by M Lottor
How-to guide, now somewhat out of date. Nov 1987

RFC 1034 - updated by RFC 1101
Domain Names--Concepts and Facilities by P Mockapetris Reference guide, covers just about everything. Nov 1987

RFC 1035 - updated by RFC 1706
Domain Names--Implementation and Specification by P Mockapetris
Mechanics of the DNS. An HTML version is available. Nov 1987

RFC 1101 - updates RFC 1034
DNS Encoding of Network Names and Other Types by P Mockapetris
How to add network names and netmasks to the DNS. Apr 1989

RFC 1122
Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Communication Layers edited by R Braden
Not directly related to DNS, but section 4 discusses UDP and TCP issues that have important low-level effects on DNS. Oct 1989

RFC 1123
Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support edited by R Braden
Includes chapter 6, about DNS. Oct 1989

RFC 1178
Choosing a Name for Your Computer by D Libes
Good advice to keep in mind when naming computers. Aug 1990

RFC 1183
New DNS RR Definitions by C Everhart, L Mamakos and R Ullmann and edited by P Mockapetris
New resouRFCe records, not widely used. Oct 1990

RFC 1348-- updates RFC 1035, obsoleted by RFC 1706. Jul 1992

RFC 1464
Using the Domain Name System To Store Arbitrary String Attributes by R Rosenbaum
Using TXT records to store arbitrary strings in the DNS. May 1993

RFC 1480
The US Domain by A Cooper and J Postel
Policies and procedures related to the .US top-level domain. Jun 1993

RFC 1535
A Security Problem and Proposed Correction With Widely Deployed DNS Software by E Gavron
Highlights subversion possibilities with default resolver search lists. Oct 1993

RFC 1536
Common DNS Implementation Errors and Suggested Fixes by A Kumar, J Postel, C Neuman, P Danzig and S Miller
What to fix and how to fix it, for developers. Oct 1993

RFC 1537-- obsoleted by RFC 1912
Oct 1993

RFC 1591
Domain Name System Structure and Delegation by J Postel
Administrative details about the DNS name space. Mar 1994

RFC 1611
DNS Server MIB Extensions by R Austein and J Saperia
Interfacing SNMP to the server side of DNS, waiting to be implemented. May 1994

RFC 1612
DNS Resolver MIB Extensions by R Austein and J Saperia
Interfacing SNMP to the client side of DNS, waiting to be implemented. May 1994

RFC 1637-- obsoletes RFC 1348, obsoleted by RFC 1706. Jun 1994

RFC 1664
Using the Internet DNS to Distribute RFC1327 Mail Address Mapping Tables by C Allocchio, A Bonito, B Cole, S Giordano and R Hagens
Mapping information for converting between X.400 and SMTP addressing into the DNS. Aug 1994

RFC 1706 - obsoletes RFC 1348 and RFC 1637.
DNS NSAP ResouRFCe Records by B Manning and R Colella
How to add OSI-style NSAPs to the DNS using PTR records. Oct 1994

RFC 1712 - obsoleted by RFC 1876 DNS Encoding of Geographical Location by C Farrell, M Schulze, S Pleitner and D Baldoni
Paul Vixie wrote: `deprecated and retracted by its authors but the RFC editors accidentally published it anyway'. Nov 1994

RFC 1713
Tools for DNS debugging by A Romao
Overview of some DNS tools Nov 1994

RFC 1794
DNS Support for Load Balancing by T Brisco
DNS support for balancing loads of many types. Apr 1995

RFC 1876 -- obsoletes RFC 1712
A Means for Expressing Location Information in the Domain Name System by C Davis, P Vixie, T Goodwin and I Dickinson
Geographical location DNS records. Jan 1996

RFC 1884
IP Version 6 Addressing ARFChitecture edited by R Hinden and S Deering
All about IPv6 addresses. Dec 1995

RFC 1886
DNS Extensions to support IP version 6 by S Thomson and C Huitema
Backward-compatible IPv6 DNS extensions, including new AAAA record type and new domain IP6.INT. Dec 199

RFC 1912 -- obsoletes RFC 1537
Common DNS Operational and Configuration Errors by D Barr
Errors and common practice in operation of servers and format of data. Feb 1996

RFC 1956
Registration in the MIL Domain by D Engebretson and R Plzak
Describes the registration policy of the US Department of Defense domain. Jun 1996

RFC 1982
Serial Number Arithmetic by R Elz and R Bush
Defines how serial numbers are compared to determine if a zone has been updated. Aug 1996

RFC 1995
Incremental Zone Transfer in DNS by M Ohta
A mechanism for use with NOTIFY which allows transferring only that part of the zone that changed. Aug 1996

RFC 1996
Notify: a mechanism for prompt notification of authority zone changes by P Vixie
Describes new NOTIFY opcode for advising slave servers that the master's data has been changed. Aug 1996

RFC 2010
Operational Criteria for Root Name Servers by B Manning and P Vixie
Requirements for root name servers. Oct 1996

RFC 2052
A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) by A Gulbrandsen and P Vixie
Generalised MX records for services other than mail. Oct 1996

RFC 2053
The AM (Armenia) Domain by E Der-Danieliantz
Procedures for registering in the AM TLD. Oct 1996

RFC 2065
Domain Name System Security Extensions by D Eastlake 3rd and C Kaufman
Digital signatures for data integrity and authentication in the DNS. Jan 1997

RFC 2136
Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System (DNS UPDATE) by P Vixie, S Thomson, Y Rekhter and J Bound
Mechanics of dynamic updates in DNS. Apr 1997

RFC 2137
Secure Domain Name System Dynamic Update by D Eastlake 3rd
Mechanics of secure dynamic updates in DNS. Apr 1997

RFC 2146
US Government Internet Domain Names by the Federal Networking Council
Describes the registration policy of the US .GOV top-level domain. May 1997

RFC 2181
Clarifications to the DNS Specification by R Elz and R Bush. Jul 1997

RFC 2182
Selection and Operation of Secondary DNS Servers by R Elz, R Bush, S Bradner and M Patton. Jul 1997

RFC 2219
Use of DNS Aliases for Network Services M Hamilton and R Wright. Oct 1997

RFC 2240
A Legal Basis for Domain Name Allocation O Vaughan. Nov 1997